Copenhagen: Report of actions in solidarity with the LCP and Corriente del Pueblo Sol Rojo

Socialist Revolution has received documentation of several actions carried out in Copenhagen over the weekend.

The Anti-Imperialist Collective organised a protest in front of the Brazilian Embassy, where leaflets condemning the massacre in Rondônia committed by military police and armed gangs of local landowners were distributed in English. The leaflets also condemned the terror committed against the Mexican people in the state of Oaxaca, against the poor peasants who are resisting the imperialist mega-projects being developed in the area.

The activists held a banner reading “Down with the criminalization of the struggle for land!” in both Danish and Portuguese.

Demands that the terror against the people of Brazil and Mexico be stopped were hung at the entrance of the embassy, while battle cries in support of the LCP were shouted.

The Anti-Imperialist Collective also organised a protest in front of the Mexican Embassy, where the same leaflets were distributed. The activists held a banner with the slogan “Freedom for all political prisoners!” while demanding that all disappeared people’s fighters from Mexico and Brazil be presented alive, while at the same time condemning the murders of the murdered people’s fighters.

The activists report that during the protest, a company of Brazilian businessmen, one of them the owner of a large Brazilian agrarian company, appeared. The owner of the agrarian company recognised the slogans in support of the LCP and was shocked that the LCP also enjoys the support in an imperialist country like Denmark.

In the proletarian neighbourhood of Blågården, a banner condemning the massacre of poor peasants in Brazil was hung up.

We have received the leaflets distributed in front of both embassies and reproduce them below:

Proletarians of all countries, unite!

Stop the terror against the Mexican people!
Stop the terror against the poor peasants in Brazil!

In the state of Oaxaca in southern Mexico, the poor peasants have been fighting for years against mega-projects that the old state is building in cooperation with the imperialists. The peasants are being robbed of their land so that huge wind farms can be built on the Isthmus of Tehuantepec. In this way, the peasants are expropriated, nature is destroyed and the population is displaced.

The resistance that the peasants have been putting up for years is being met with repression and terror by the old Mexican state and its henchmen. In order to break the struggle of the peasants and the different popular movements that have taken up the task of developing resistance against the imperialist mega-projects, the state is setting paramilitary murder gangs on the population. This situation has worsened drastically in the last few weeks. Several people’s militants have been arrested or disappeared without trace. On the 29th of January 2023, armed paramilitaries acting on behalf of the big landowners occupied the community of Rincon Tagolaba threatening the residents, destroying cultivated land and drinking water pipes and firing shots to intimidate them. The national police arrived but did nothing against the heavily armed paramilitaries.

The Mexican state, with the help of the murderous gangs that work for it, is enforcing the interests of the imperialists at the expense of the people of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec and any means will do. Our solidarity is with the struggling poor peasants and the popular movements, such as the People’s Current Red Sun (Corriente del Pueblo Sol Rojo), which fights tirelessly and sacrificially for the needs and interests of the people. We demand the release of all imprisoned fighters of the people. We demand the immediate live presentation of the disappeared. We demand an end to the repression and terror of the old Mexican state and its henchmen.

In addition, news reached us of another massacre of poor peasants in the Brazilian state of Rondônia, once again perpetrated by the local big landowners. The two farmers Rodrigo and Raniel were tortured and murdered in a bestial way. Both were found extremely violated. Pictures of Raniel’s body show that a large piece of his skull has been knocked out. The pictures of the two are frightening and show the brutality with which the Brazilian state and the big landowning class are acting against revolutionary forces.

The League of Poor Peasants (LCP) has been fighting for a long time in the region for a piece of land for all poor and landless peasants from which they can support themselves and their families. Time and again there are massacres by the Brazilian state, the big landowners and their henchmen. In April 2021, the Brazilian state carried out a massacre in Santa Elina, in the Manoel Ribero camp, where several peasants were murdered. For days and weeks, the camp was terrorised, isolated from the outside world and sealed off. The entire camp, where the collective life and work of the poor peasants was organised on land they occupied, was razed to the ground. Nevertheless, the struggle of the LCP and the poor and landless peasants organised in it continued.

Therefore, then as now, we call on all friends of the Brazilian people and the LCP to participate in the rally and denounce and condemn these renewed murders!

We declare eternal honor and glory to the fallen comrades in the struggle for land
We demand punishment for the executors and commissioners of the murders of the people’s fighters!

Stop the terror against the Brazilian People!

Stop the terror against the Mexican People!

Stop the criminalisation of the struggle for land!

Long live the LCP and Corriente del Pueblo Sol Rojo!

Anti-Imperialist Collective
February, 2023



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