On the Visit of Yankee Imperialism to Denmark; Impressions of the Struggle against the Visit of Mike Pompeo

On the Visit of Yankee Imperialism to Denmark

Two enemies of the people meet – Yankee foreign secretary Mike Pompeo (left) and Danish foreign minister Jeppe Kofod (right).

On the 22nd of July, the foreign secretary of Yankee imperialism, Mike Pompeo, visited Denmark. Among others, he met with the Minister of State and the Foreign Minister, in order to discuss important international political questions. Among other things, Hong Kong and the Arctic countries of Greenland and the Faroe Islands were on the agenda.

The meeting took place in the international context of the strife between Yankee imperialism, sole hegemonic superpower of the world, and Chinese social-imperialism, which strives to become a superpower, among other things through increased control with the Arctic Ocean. Russian imperialism, atomic superpower and “the skinny dog”, has also long worked to control the Arctic more.

The visit of Mike Pompeo to Europe only went to the United Kingdom and Denmark. These two imperialist States are among the core allies of the USA on the European continent. The visit to Denmark had special importance – The USA has long sought to snatch away the two Arctic colonies of Danish imperialism, Greenland and the Faroe Islands, principally for military reasons. Already in 1945, Yankee imperialism, in collusion with English imperialism, managed to transform Iceland from a Danish colony into a semi-colony. This massively strengthened the presence of the USA in the Arctic.

Greenland and the Faroe Islands are Danish colonies. But bureaucratic capitalism on these islands increasingly wishes to expand its sphere of activity, to become semi-colonies, so they can trade with other imperialist powers than just Denmark (and the allies, Denmark “permits” to enter the colonies). That is why Chinese economic interferance is already seen in questions such as airport construction and fishing. Yankee imperialism only has military interest in Greenland – therefore, it is somewhat satisfied with keeping Thule Air Base, if it can continue to exercise its superpower pressure on Danish imperialism in order to expand its military interests.

Since it was clear after the response to Donald Trump’s offer to “purchase Greenland” in August of 2019, that Danish imperialism doesn’t wish to hand off its colonial possessions, Yankee-imperialism has instead taken on its old tactic: direct negotations with Danish imperialism in order to expand the military presence of the Yankees on Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

The bureaucratic capitalist colonial administrations of Greenland and the Faroe Islands formally sat at the table, but only during part of the negotiations, since Danish imperialism controls their military, police and foreign relations (in accordance with the conditions of the “Commonwealth” [*]). However – these lackeys and bootlickers, who fall to their knees in front of all imperialist superpowers and powers who show just the smallest interest in exploiting the Greenlandic and Faroese peoples, do not have the slightest influence. For this reason, they show off their sickly white smile every time they are permitted to sit at the table, even though the Greenlandic Foreign Minister had to eat his lunch alone, while Mike Pompeo and Jeppe Kofod had their “informal” lunch meeting.

For us revolutionaries in Denmark, what applies is what Lenin long ago established: “[…] if history were to decide in favour of Great Russian dominant-nation capitalism, it follows hence that the socialist role of the Great-Russian proletariat, as the principal driving force of the communist revolution engendered by capitalism, will be all the greater. The proletarian revolution calls for a prolonged education of the workers in the spirit of the fullest national equality and brotherhood. Consequently, the interests of the Great-Russian proletariat require that the masses be systematically educated to champion—most resolutely, consistently, boldly and in a revolutionary manner—complete equality and the right to self-determination for all the nations oppressed by the Great Russians. The interests of the Great Russians’ national pride (understood, not in the slavish sense) coincide with the socialist interests of the Great-Russian (and all other) proletarians. Our model will always be Marx, who, after living in Britain for decades and becoming half-English, demanded freedom and national independence for Ireland in the interests of the socialist movement of the British workers.”.1

And specified to Danish conditions, the position of the Communist Party of Denmark in the beginning of the 1930s, when Norwegian imperialism attempted to snatch away Greenland from Denmark: “Neither the Communist Party of Norway nor the Communist Party of Denmark  wish for Greenland to be put under the control of the Norwegian interventionists, but we also do not wish for it to remain under Danish rule. We neither wish for Danish nor Norwegian capitalists to exploit the Greenlandic population for the colossal sums, it concerns, but for the Grennelanders themselves to make decisions on Greenlandic conditions and how to govern their own country..2

Greenlandic miners in the city of Qullissat. The city was for a short period the center of bureaucratic capitalist mining industry in the country. It was also the center of the agitation of the CPD. The city is now a ghost town.

The Greenlandic and Faroese peoples live as foreigners in their own countries. They live under the yoke of imperialism. A transformation into semi-colonies under principally Yankee dominance would not be a step forward – it would not result in genuine national self-determination. As Engels said in the preface to the Polish edition of “The Communist Manifesto”: The nobility could neither maintain nor regain Polish independence; today, to the bourgeoisie, this independence is, to say the last, immaterial. Nevertheless, it is a necessity for the harmonious collaboration of the European nations. It can be gained only by the young Polish proletariat, and in its hands it is secure. For the workers of all the rest of Europe need the independence of Poland just as much as the Polish workers themselves.3

Only the proletariat on Greenland and the Faroe Islands can attain national independance, genuine self-determination. The same applies to the Icelandic semi-colony, which still, despite its formal political independance, is completely militarily dominated by the USA, economically dominated by England and culturally dominated by Denmark. Only by constituting their Communist Parties, as Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, militarized Parties to lead the People’s War, can these countries be free of imperialism. They will have a bright future ahead of them as socialist People’s Republics.

Some Impressions of the Struggle against the Visit of Mike Pompeo

Just like when Donald Trump, with the most shameless superpower arrogance, attempted to purchase Greenland in August of 2019, resistance was clearly displayed.

In order to display resistance against the visit of Yankee imperialism to Denmark, which clearly only has to do with increasing Yankee dominance in the Arctic and pressuring the Danish people to suck up to its sinister will, Danish revolutionaries and anti-imperialists showed up to condemn the visit of Mike Pompeo. The slogan was: “YANKEE GO HOME!”.

Revolutionaries of Common Action Copenhagen present at the protests against Mike Pompeo on the 22nd of July.

The demonstration against Mike Pompeo was, except for the revolutionaries, of expressed petty-bourgeois, identity opportunist character. It was led by “Black Lives Matter Denmark”, a small and top-led group, basically identical with the leader, Bwalya Sørensen, who does not gain support from the left scene for her politics, but because the Danish petty-bourgeoisie, full of “Law of Jante”-mentality [**] and sycophancy for “more oppressed people”, does not wish to seem “racist” for raising criticism of Black people, even if they have wrong politics. BLM Denmark is in no way like BLM in the USA, for example, where it is actually a broad mass movement, where combative forces act. Sørensen and her sycophantic lackeys attempted during the entire demonstration to control the shouts and put forward such politics as “Black people, come to the front and don’t let the Whites hold your banners”. Despite this, the revolutionaries were present and with a firm voice denounced the visit of Yankee imperialism.

Towards the end of the demonstration, a Yankee flag was burned by the revolutionaries. This was met with support from some of the masses, who clapped and shouted. But the opportunists could not live with this. Some self-declared “revolutionaries” and “progressives” ran to make the revolutionaries aware that they were “harming the image of the demonstration” (as though identity opportunism is not already bankrupt in the eyes of the deepest masses) and “risked the police interfering” (the police, which was present with the support of Sørensen and her lackeys!). The police did interfere, but only with the revolutionaries – the harmless BLM people did not do anything to clearly combat Pompeo and his imperialist master.

Revolutionaries display their class hatred by burning the Yankee flag; opportunists show their class nature by encouraging “social peace”.

Through their presence, the revolutionaries showed that people exist in Denmark who clearly combat imperialism – both Danish imperialism, the Yankee imperialist superpower, and all other imperialist powers. And that they refuse to be stopped by reaction or opportunism, who work in collusion to prevent any form of combative resistance. The cry of the revolutionaries became a clear signal for the vitality of Maoism. May their cry echo in the entire world:


1V. I. Lenin: “On the National Pride of the Great Russians”, 12th of December 1914.

2Aksel Larsen: “The Objectives of the Communists”, 9th of December 1932.

3Friedrich Engels: Preface to the Polish Edition of “Manifesto of the Communist Party”, 10th of February 1892.

[*] Note of the blog: The “Commonwealth” here refers to the Danish Realm (Rigsfællesskabet / Det Danske Rige), the colonial system of Danish imperialism, and not the one led by English imperialism for its dominance of its semi-colonies in the 3rd world.

[**] Note of the blog: The “Law of Jante” is part of the Danish national consciousness and constitutes a reactionary collectivism. It can be summed up in the sentence: “You’re not to think you are anything special”. Those who transgress this unwritten “law” are regarded with suspicion and some hostility, as it goes against the communal desire to preserve harmony, social stability and uniformity. It is thus clear that the “Law of Jante” is a cultural product of the Danish bourgeoisie, which serves to undermine rebellion. Often, when one states opposition to injustice in Denmark, the response will simply be: “It’s like that for everyone. Stop complaining”. As part of the destruction of the imperialist Danish nation, serving its socialist reconstitution and eventual abolition in Communism, the “Law of Jante” must be destroyed with proletarian cultural revolution.