CHILE: Offentlig udtalelse fra Mapuche politiske fanger i Angol Fængsel

Vi publicerer en uofficiel dansk oversættelse af denne udtalelse, som vi har fået tilsendt af kammerater fra Chile og med glæde bringer. 4. maj 2020.

We address to our Mapuche nation people, the national and international community, social organizations, students, workers and to all those who identify with our fair territorial and political demands.

And we point out through this statement that today -May 4, 2020- we have taken the decision to begin a liquid hunger strike to demand the following from the State of Chile:

KIÑE1: The freedom of Mapuche political prisoners or the change to an alternative measure other than prison, as stipulated in ILO (International Labour Organization) Convention No. 169, Articles 8, 9 and 10 and considering also the Declaration of the United Nations on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

We deem this measure to be necessary as a prevention of the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic for humanitarian reasons. In which the government has not made a pronouncement to safeguard the lives of Mapuche political prisoners or political prisoners in general.

EPÜ2: We reject the type of judgment and the way in which the State of Chile applies the law when it comes to political persecution, imprisonment and sentencing of Mapuche people in comparison how it’s applied to State agents.

KÜLA3: We demand that the State of Chile return the ancestral territory, giving priority to the different lof4 in resistance. We also demand that the forestry companies abandon the wallmapu, since they are one of the responsible for the imbalance of our itrofilmongen (depletion of water resources and disappearance of biodiversity) as well as the energy, fishing, mining and highways. And in this same way, we demand the demilitarization of our territory, since they only protect the economic interests of transnational companies

MELI5: We make a broad call to the lof in resistance, social organizations and the different expressions of struggle to demonstrate in support of our mobilization, leaving them freedom of action.




1. Sergio Levinao Levinao

2. Víctor Llanquileo Pilquimán

3. Sinecio Huenchullan Queipul

4. Freddy Marileo Marileo

5. Juan Queipul Millanao

6. Juan Calbucoy Montanares

7. Danilo Nahuelpi Millanao

8. Reinaldo Penchulef Sepúlveda

List of Mapuche political prisoners in Angol prison on hunger strike


May 4, 2020.


1 Kiñe means number “one” in mapudungun, the language of Mapuche people.

2 Epü means number “two” in mapudungun, the language of Mapuche people.

3 Küla means number “three” in mapudungun, the language of Mapuche people.

4 Lof it means a certain territorial space where a group of families live together (Mapudungun).

5 Meli means number “four” in mapudungun, the language of Mapuche people.

6 Amulepe tain weichan means “let our fight continue”.

7 Marrichiwew means “ten times we will win”.

8 Wallmapu is the mapudungun name for the ancestral territory of the Mapuche people and nation, also meaning as “the whole Mapuche territory”

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